The Puppy Club


Your Puppy Club membership gives you access to world class professional resources, courses and networks to ensure you have everything you need to deliver outstanding service to your clients and their puppies.

Your entire team gets access to training. During your membership you don’t have to pay extra if you get new team members who are keen to learn.

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The Course

The Puppy Club course is a self paced online program that will provide you with everything you need to successfully and confidently deliver a professional puppy school to your clients.


The 8 modules will take you step by step through each week and the How To’s of puppy school including lesson plan content, training and advice, and troubleshooting. You will also get support and training on successful implementation, marketing and bookings, as well as how puppy school can benefit your clinic, team mates and clients.


Our course has been developed in collaboration with and endorsed by Veterinary Behaviour Specialists and is continually being reviewed and updated. With the most up to date information and techniques you know you will be providing your clients and their puppy with the best advice and training.


Professional training program modules

The Puppy Club provides Veterinary professionals with access to world class and up to date resources, training and client materials to provide a professional puppy school service to puppy parents.  A Veterinary Behaviour Specialist endorses both our professional training program and puppy school course.  We work together so you know you will be receiving the best training available with continual updates and support.


Ongoing CE

Puppy Club members receive ongoing support and additional webinars to assist in implementation, integrating services and challenging cases.


There is no one size fits all, we ask what YOU want in the next CE session and give you the tools to provide the service and solution to your clients.  Our live webinars are available throughout the year and are recorded for you to access on demand.


Our professional CE provides transferable skills and solutions for your team to gain behaviour knowledge and skills that can help you in the consult and treatment room.


Our entire library of professional CE is available on demand and recorded for our members.



The resources

Professionally developed client resources are ‘white labeled’ and ready to be branded with your clinic logo and details. Professional branded resources build brand equity, credibility and develop client relationships. Client resources can be printed to hand out to your clients during your puppy school course or available to your clients digitally.


Puppy school should be a fun and interactive experience for clients and the Veterinary team. The aim is to develop long term authentic relationships that bond clients and their pets to the Veterinary clinic and the team.


Market your clinic as a leader in puppy training and behaviour.



The network

The Puppy Club aims to be more than just a training course. Running a puppy school can be lonely and at times cases can be challenging, as a member of The Puppy Club teams are also joining a passionate community and support network.


Once you have done the training we don’t leave you to ‘figure it out yourself’. As part of the network you receive ongoing implementation and case support.


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Welcome to The Puppy Club
  • Getting the most out of your membership
  • How to personalise your client resources
  • Course overview
  • The Puppy Club community
  • The Puppy Club structure and guidelines
Week One: Setting your class up for success
  • Session #1 lesson plan
  • The benefits of a puppy free class
  • Common puppy \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’problems\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’ and client advice
  • Canine body language and communication
  • Setting group class up for success and how to keep it fun
Week Two: Our first week with puppies
  • Session #2 lesson plan
  • Class structure and getting puppies settled
  • Learning theory
  • Training cues
  • Puppy play and communication
Week Three: Our first week off lead
  • Session #3 lesson plan
  • Class structure and dealing with disruption
  • Training cues
  • Puppy play, communication and confidence
Week four: Our pups are becoming confident
  • Session #4 lesson plan
  • Class structure and how to handle anticipation
  • Training cues
  • The benefits of a clinic or hospital tour
Week five: More than a graduation
  • Session #5 lesson plan
  • Class structure and getting \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’Grad\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’ ready
  • Troubleshooting and refining advice
  • Graduation games and training for life
Troubleshooting and red flags
  • What to do when things go wrong
  • Red flags
  • When is referral needed
Starting your puppy school
  • Setting up your puppy school in clinic
  • Bookings and class management
  • Your first class
  • Marketing and growing your service
  • Benefits for the clinic